03 Feb 00

"The Third Man" To Be Shown

The 50th Anniversary Edition of "The Third Man" will be shown at 3 p.m. on Sunday February 6 at the Manhattan Arts
Center, 1520 Poyntz, to the members
of the Center’s Film Society.

The greatness of "The Third Man" is too often attributed to the presence of Orson Wells as Harry Lime. Despite the fact that
Wells was involved in some lighting set-ups and wrote the famous cuckoo-clock speech, it is ultimately
the combination of Carol Reed’s direction, Graham Greene’s story and Joseph Cotten as the American writer of pulp
cowboy novels that make this film a classic among classics. This edition will include an introduction by Peter Bogdanovich
and a demonstration of the film’s restoration.

Film buffs will recall that a penniless Martins arrives in a bombed-out post-war Vienna, divided into zones of occupation,
planning to visit his old pal Harry. His problems begin when he learns that Harry is dead.

Instead of going home, as he is urged to do, Martins decides to investigate the nebulous facts and to learn the identity of the
third man who witnessed Harry’s accidental death.

A ticket for the remainder of the Film Society series, three films, is necessary because tickets to individual films are not
offered. For more inforation, call 537-4420.