February 1, 2001

People Needed For LOB Petition

The Local Option Budget Petition is ready. Riley County Attorney Bill Kennedy said Monday that the petition was valid. Kansas law
requires all petitions be approved by the County Attorney before being circulated.

The Manhattan Free Press will provide the petition to anyone wanting to carry it. The petition requests that the Manhattan-Ogden School
District take the issue of increasing the LOB to a vote of the people.

On January 17th the School Board voted 4-2 to increase the LOB from 18.72 to 25% of the General Fund. The increase will add about $1.5
million to the district. The Manhattan-Ogden School enrollment has dropped 1,063 students in the past eight years but the district did not cut
expenses. Now the district is trying to find ways to fund next years budget.

People are needed to carry the petition. More that 1,400 voters must sign the petition before the 15th of February.

Copies of the petition can be signed or picked up at the Kreem Kup 1615 Yuma or at the Free Press 103 N. 3rd (second floor).