February 1, 2001

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Voice of the Cowboys Silenced

Saturday was a sad day for the Oklahoma State basketball team. A charter plane carrying 2 pilots and 8 OSU team staff crashed in Byers
Colorado after the Cowboys lost the Buffaloes in Colorado.

One of the passengers was the "Voice of the Cowboys" Bill Teegins. He was also a sports director for KWTV Channel 9 in Oklahoma City.
Bill was very exciting to listen to on the TV and radio; he would always complement the opponents on their efforts and was an all around
likable person.

It is amazing how quick life can change. The 10 people on the plane had so much going for them and it all ended in just a split second. Their
families, friends and fans will miss them greatly in the days to come.

Wildcats pecked apart by Jayhawks

Kansas State wasn’t just picked apart, but was pecked apart by the Jayhawks on Saturday. KSU lost 92-66 in Lawrence, Kansas to a very
talented KU basketball team. K-State’s defense struggled in trying to contain the Jayhawks and allowed them to work the ball in on numerous

Kansas State was just out-matched in the game. KU had a very good game plan and it was very successful in defeating the Wildcats.

Even after the loss to the Jayhawks by a large margin I still believe that the Wildcats are getting better. They are not consistent in their
performance as of yet, but that will come in time. K-State is playing much more aggressive than they did last year and have been very
competitive so far. I think they are very much on track and maybe even a little ahead of where I was expecting them to be at this time. The
fans are doing great with their support for Jim Wooldridge and the team.

Have a great Wildcat day!