February 15, 2001

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Last Minute Jitters

Kansas State menís basketball Coach Jim Wooldridge is disappointed in his team because he knows that they are capable of
doing better. K-State is playing very competitive but has a problem putting the game away at the end. Kansas State will play
very determined for the entire game except the last few minutes of a game. During those last few minutes of a game it appears
that Murphyís Law then rules the road. Curly, Mo and Larry are brought in to close out the game. What used to be
impressive play turns into a mass of confusion. The passes during that period are no longer crisp, the shots are no longer
precise, and the defense is almost non-existent. It seems like they just get too excited and canít believe they are actually going
to beat a team they weren't suppose to, then they don't.

Coach Wooldridge has every right to be frustrated with his team because he knows that his team is just a step away from
turning the corner. They are so close to being a winning ball club they can taste it. If they can just get over the closing minute
jitters they will be able to finish these close games with a win and not get an "almost" in the loss column.

Donít give up on the Cats yet, it wonít be long until they start bringing home the wins and be consistent with their play.

K-Stateís coaching staff is doing a great job and they will get them over the hump. So, stand fast and be ready for the
Wildcats to be a major competitor in the near future.

Have a great Wildcat Day!