17 February 2000


By Jon A. Brake

Who are they trying to fool? The only answer is: the Citizens of Manhattan.

At last week’s City Commission Work Session on the Living Wage, the Commissioners said they wanted to discuss the issue
more. The Commissioners told a large group attending the meeting that they "wanted more flexibility than the ordinance
would have provided. They agreed to at least begin discussions on a limited policy.

Discussion with whom? How about the organization that just made the presentation, the Flinthills Living Wage Coalition.
Members of that organization received this e-mail from Mary Jo Murphy the Coordinator:

"Important meeting with Commissioners Carol Peak and Karen McColloh 8:30am, Monday, February 21 at Mrs. Clydes

Everyone’s participation is critical, we need to show the diverse support for living wages in the community and strengthen the
commission’s support with a good discussion of the essential points in our ordinance."

Until this Commission changed the number of a quorum for a City Commission from three to four, this meeting would have
been advertised as an open meeting. Now two members can meet an no one is told. Just over a week ago these
Commissioners were given a packet and a presentation. Why meet with the Living Wage Coalition again?

What about Commissioner Bruce Snead? Wednesday night Snead gave a meeting for Sustainable Manhattan. Here is what
this e-mail said:

"Sustainable Manhattan will host a discussion tonight on current issues in the community:

What does it take to Build a Sustainable Community? Economic development investments, transportation system, living wage

requirements for companies receiving public funds, affordable housing and a comprehensive land use plan.

Bruce Snead will facilitate the discussion, beginning at 7pm, today (Wednesday, Feb. 16), at the Manhattan Public Library
Auditorium." the e-mail was again sent by The Living Wage Coalition.

A City Commissioner who wants to be "flexible" and get "more information" is conducting a discussion on the Living Wage?

The citizens of this City are going to wake-up and find they can not afford to live here.