February 22, 2001

Primary Election


By Jon A. Brake

The Primary Election will be next Tuesday, February 27, 2001. The City Commission race is the only thing on the
ballet (see Sample Ballot page 2.)

The election is being held to trim seven candidates to six for the April 3 general election.

In more than twenty-five years of newspaper work, I have never told readers how to vote and I will not start now.
What I will do is tell you whom I am voting for and why.

We have seven very good people running for three seats. We have three incumbents: Karen McCulloh, Carol
Peak and Roger Reitz. The challengers are Brad Everett, David Johnson, Mark Taussig and Art Burgess.

The Ballot says to vote for three candidates. My three will be chosen from the four not in office now. I don't think
anyone could go wrong voting for Everett, Johnson, Taussig or Burgess.

Voting for the incumbents would produce more of the same: back room meetings, roundabouts, bussing, bicycle
lanes, large bloated budgets and turmoil.

McCulloh and Peak have an agenda to turn Manhattan into a socialistic Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. Reitz will be hard to beat. Many people like him as a doctor and as a person and so do I. But, because of Dr.
Rietz we are spending $1 million on a meeting room at the old depot. We are spending $900,000 to keep dogs and
cats two weeks longer. Dr. Rietz has forgotten that not everyone lives in Sharingbrook.