Republican Assembly Organizing Here

A conservative group will be organizing in Riley County over the next few months. The Kansas Republican Assembly will hold on organizial meeting in April. The group calls for solid conservative economic and social principles within the Republican Party.

"Comprised of traditional Republicans, the Kansas Republican Assembly is a statewide organizagtion working within the Republican Party to build a powerful, enduring coalitionof economic and social conservatives.

The role of the Kansas Republican Assembly is to unite conservatives, whose interests range form tax cuts, small business, and land use issues, to pro-life anf pro-family concerns in Kansas. As a statewide organization, KRA will work to coordinate the efforts of existing organizations and empower them to make a difference within the Republican Party.

The want to maintain the integrity of the Republican Party platform based on correct moral and constitutional principles.

For more information call 776-8095 in Manhattan or you can contact the state office at 785-404-0195 or go to the website at: or