February 8, 2001

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

XFL Exploits Women

If you happened to see the Xtreme Football League (XFL) debut last Saturday you may have noticed some differences from the National
Football League (NFL). The XFL is trying to have a mixture between professional wrestling, football, Sports Illustratedís Swimsuit Addition
and Sports Illustratedís Swimsuit Addition.

The XFL is encouraging the players to talk a little smack on the field and be a little more vocal. They have also sent a commentator around
with a public address microphone to ask players and coaches about certain plays and comment on the other team so it can echo through the

The viewing audience also gets to hear the plays that are called into the quarterback and they also have an all access cameraman that runs on
the field after each play to hear what is being said on the field and in the huddles.

There are several rule changes that have added to the game and made it a little more aggressive. For instance, the punt returner cannot call
for a fair catch and the kicking team can recover a punt when it hits the ground after 25 yards. The quarterback has to be a little tougher in the
XFL because he isnít protected by penalties on the defense like in the NFL. The XFL also doesnít allow for point after attempts (PATís)
following a touchdown. The scoring team must go for the two-point conversion.

Those that watched the game also may have noticed that the XFL exploits these very beautiful cheerleaders on the sidelines. This is totally
unacceptable! They are showing on TV every few minutes these gorgeously tanned bodies that are dressed up in something that is a little bit
smaller than a bikini and show more curves than a lakefront scenic drive. This is very demeaning to women and I feel I need to stand up for
their rights! Next Saturday when the network tries to exploit these very firm bodied super model type women on TV I will walk out of the room
in protest of this demeaning behavior on the networks part! I feel that every man that is watching the XFL next Saturday should protest this
action. They should just remove themselves from the room when they show these wonderfully made human beings and reject any temptation
of viewing this unbelievable sight out of protest for the women in their life!

My suggestion is to tape record the game so we can thoroughly research at a later time. So we can see just how badly they exploit and
demean these women and can find other ways to protest the networks actions during the next game. This will show the women in our lives
that WE CARE ENOUGH and are willing to endure this pain for them and will fight for their rights! Donít for get to hit the record button!

Have a Great Wildcat Day!