March 1, 2001

Candidates To Start Over In Race For City Commission

The Primary Election for City Commission was held Tuesday and now the remaining six will start a run for the April 3 election.

Tuesday's election eliminated Art Burgess from the seven person field. The remaining six are: Incumbents Karen McCulloh, Carol
Peak and Roger Reitz. The challengers are Brad Everett, Mark Taussig and David Johnson.

Only 2,926 voters turned out for the primary, there are 24,456 registered voters in the City.


Mark Taussig 1,750

Brad Everett 1,521

Roger Reitz 1,357

David Johnson 1,188

Karen McCulloh 829

Carol Peak 814

Art Burgess 463

Watch for a very active month of March. With the incumbents poor showing a strong push can be expected.

All three challengers worked hard in the primary campaign. They ran radio and newspaper ads, talked to numerous groups and
campaigned door to door.

Reitz ran several ads on radio but for the most part the incumbents were waiting for April 3rd. Don't let the poor showing fool you
all three incumbents are very good campaigners and the real fight is just getting started.