March 15, 2001

County Commission To Hold Work Sessions

Stan Morgan, Riley County Counselor for the Riley County Commission gave this memo to the Commission Monday:

SUBJECT: Request for Work Sessions

Purpose of Memorandum

To set forth a list of suggested work sessions and request that the Board set priorities and schedule the individual work sessions. In a related
matter, Rich and I will be meeting with Chairman Frey soon to discuss suggestions for changes in the agenda process.


There are a number of projects or issues of importance that need to be addressed by the Board, and which I consider candidates for work
sessions. I have listed below current issues of importance that need to be addressed by the board, with a short statement regarding the
status of each item. The Board will very likely add to this list.


1. Hospital Issues. The Board has been given a packet of information regarding these issues. I anticipate the Board will want to discuss legal
issues in executive session, followed up by a meeting of representatives of the Board, Memorial Hospital and Mercy Health Center. In the
alternative, the board may chose to have a public session with these interested parties in attendance. A recent Manhattan Fire Department
report will require attention as soon as possible.

2. EMS Agreement. The Board has received a summary of the current agreement between Riley County and Memorial Hospital for EMS
services. (Mercy is now operating in the place of Memorial, but there has been no written agreement for this change). Mercy, through Larry
Couchman, has provided me with requested changes.

3. Single Family Mortgages. The 1981 joint Geary County-Riley County Single Family Mortgage Issue has a deficit of $602,450 as of June 11,
1998. Roger Edgar of George K. Baum and Co. has suggested that an audit of this issue be conducted by Geary and Riley Counties to
determine what caused the shortfall. The cost, estimated to be $25,000 to $50,000, would be paid from the revenue coming in from the
successful 1980 issue.

4. Wharton Manor. The interviews of occupancy applicants will be today. The Board needs to discuss the process it will follow in making the
final selection, management issues, contract requirements and other matters. I will submit to the Board a recommended process and timeline if
so directed.

5. Big Lakes Regional. This entity is in the process of dissolution. The Board may want to consider what part Riley County will play in this
dissolution, what safeguards are important, how this interfaces with the Household Hazardous Waste program in place and envisioned to
continue for the ten county area.

6. Barnes Road. I recommend the Board address this project. I have reviewed the proposed agreement with the City of Manhattan and am in
communication with Bill Frost regarding the terms. I suggest a meeting be held with the Barnes Road citizens and County and City officials to
discuss the requirements made by the City, the estimated costs of the project and to receive comments.

7. Riley County - RCPD Division of Expenses. Sometime ago I met with Mike Watson and Steve French regarding this issue. I suggest the
Board meet with me to discuss this matter followed by a more complete discussion with Mike and Steve.

8. Office of Court Trustee. Linda Graham has submitted to the Board suggestions for enhancing the revenue this operation receives in order
to stem the annual shortfall. I have contacted state officials and have concluded that there is little likelihood that the service will be re-bid or
that SRS will modify its current position regarding this program.

9. Possible Purchase of Real Estate. (Executive session).

10. Financing Road and Bridge Projects and Other Capital Improvement Items. It is time to schedule a work session on this matter to discuss
progress and to perhaps set funding priorities.