March 15, 2001

Lawsuit Filed Against Church

A lawsuit has been filed in the District Court of Riley County by Mary C. Smith against Paul Mabrey, Jr., St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran
Church, and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

The suit states that Smith has been employed by the Church for more that eighteen years as the congregation secretary. The suit also states
that Defendant Paul Mabrey, Jr., is the parish Administrator, has been employed at the St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church for the past
two years, and is the supervisor of Smith.

The suit lists seven counts: Battery, Assault, Intentional and/or negligent infliction of Emotional Distress, Defamation, Employment
Discrimination in violation of Title VII and ADEA, Falsification of employee time sheets and other wage and hour laws and regulations of the
federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and Breach of the employment contract and employment policies.

The suit asks for damages in an amount exceeding $75,000.