March 2, 2000

Mayor, Commissioner To Meet Behind Closed Doors

The City of Manhattan's Workshop on the Living Wage two weeks ago lasted for more than two hours. The Flinthills Living
Wage Coalition wanted the City to impose $8 - $9 an hour wage on local Companies. Business owners attended the meeting
and spoke to the Commission about the many down sides of this Socialist gimmick.

The Commission backoff but said they wanted to "talk" more about it. Well the talk is taking place behind closed doors. First
the Filinthills Living Wage Coalition met with Carol Peak and Karen McColloh just one week after the Worksession. Now
the Coalition will meet with Commissioner Bruce Snead and Mayor Roger Reitz. Here is an e-mail the Coalition sent to

Coalition Members,

We will meet with Roger Reitz and Bruce Snead 8:30am, Monday, March 6th at

Mrs. Clydes restaurant to discuss our proposed living wage ordinance.

As many of us as possible must attend this important meeting, please email or call me to confirm your attendance. Thanks -
Mary Jo