March 22, 2001

Sports UpDate

By Ben Brake


I would like to say that K-State fans are some of the best fans around. I believe that they have class in showing their appreciation for the
Wildcat sporting events. They donít try to ridicule the opponentsí fans and try to show they really enjoy the game.

In the event that K-State should win a national title I feel that the fans would still handle the situation with a lot of discretion and not try to
downgrade the other schools.

I donít know if anybody has been to Oklahoma in the last few months, but their fans have gotten a little carried away.

I think itís great when fans show support for their teams and are there to help build the program. But, there is a time to let it drop and carry on
with normal living.

I donít have a problem with flags flying in front of the home, school symbols displayed on mailboxes, shirts, coats, hats, rocks, etc...

What I do have a problem with are the fans that are still flying the national champion flags on their cars and have the shoe polish written on
the windows of their vehicles depicting their thoughts of the school. Goodness, wash the cars and bring the flags down off the vehicles! Buy
a classy window sticker and put it in the back window, but make it look sharp, not tacky. I could see having the vehicles decorated for a week
or two after a major win like that or for another team sporting event, but displaying it continuously for several months is getting a little carried

I would hope that Kansas State fans would be proud of their school, but would have the dignity after a short time to clean their car and put
their car flags away. Display their pride with discretion and tactfulness. Take in mind that discretion and tactfulness can and should be
thrown out the window when driving through OKLAHOMA, so "LET IT FLY" when driving south!

Have a Great Wildcat Day!