March 29, 2001

City Commission and School Board Election


By Jon A. Brake

The General City - School election will be Tuesday April 3, 2001. Be sure to vote. (See Sample Ballot on page

This newspaper will offer this simple advise when voting: Don't Vote For Anyone In Office.

Three incumbents are listed for City Commission. They are: Karen McCulloh, Carol Peak and Roger Reitz. The
Challengers are Brad Everett, David Johnson and Mark Taussig. All are very good people but Manhattan needs
a change from the Tax and Spend past.

In the School Board race only Flordie Pettis is an incumbent. Challengers are: Jim Shroyer, J. Scott Smith,
Dorothy Soldan, Milo Kelley and Walter Pesaresi. Again all are very good people but the School Board needs
help for Nancy Knopp and Roger Brannan.

Knopp and Brannan have been willing to say no to spending and yes to a better school system. In 1994 the School
Board voted 100 times. All one-hundred votes were "yes". All passed 7-0 or 6-0 but two and they were 7-1. No
Board can agree that many times. Be Sure To Vote.