March 29, 2001

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

"Good" Knight!

Former Head Coach Bobby Knight has accepted the position as head coach of the Texas Tech menís basketball team.
Knight spent 29 years with the Indiana and took them to 3 national championships during that time. Bobby Knight has been
known for his great coaching ability but most recently his hot temper has grabbed most of the headlines.

Current players for the Red Raiders will be going out to buy catchers masks, cervical collars, and earplugs to anticipate the
arrival of Coach Knight. Opposing teams will be bolting down the visiting teamís chairs on their basketball courts. Big 12
referees will be requesting padding with their uniforms and penalty boxes for coaches when they get out of line. One official
will be decked out in full goalie gear and stationed on the bench next to Coach Knight to answer all his disputes.

Next year when K-State and Texas Tech face off the players wonít be required to take the court. It will be a battle of the
coaches and the team with the least technical fouls will win. It is expected to be a very high scoring game and go down to the

All kidding aside, I believe Coach Knight will be a wonderful addition to the Big 12. He has stated publicly that he will need
to change some of his tactics and will have to eliminate some all together. Texas Tech has also stated that he will be held
accountable for his actions as any other member of the staff and wonít tolerate any abuse to students or faculty. He will have
to learn how to control his temper and be GOOD to his players.

Coach Knight is a fantastic coach and will boost up the level of competition in the league. He will bring in a lot of national
media attention to the Big 12 and probably boost the attendance to the games. If nothing else, he will be a heck of a lot of fun
to watch.

Have a Great Wildcat Day!