"Round" Could Be The Future Of Third Street & Bluemont Ave.


By Jon A. Brake

The new plan for Third Street and Bluemont Avenue already has the tentative approval of the Manhattan City staff and the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Take a guess. What would be your worst nightmare for that intersection? Think round.

No it is not a stupid roundabout! It will be two stupid roundabouts. One will be at the Third Street intersection and the other larger one will be at Tuttle Creek Blvd. and Bluemont Ave.

Several merchants on Third Street have hired a consultant to design the roundabouts and make the presentations to the City staff, KDOT, and the City Commissioners. Commissioners were shown the plan over the past three days.

The merchants are desperate to not have Third Street closed as was presented to the City Commission two weeks ago. They are willing to propose the roundabouts to keep the street open. Getting past the City staff and KDOT was a slam-dunk. Both have been forcing roundabouts on Manhattan citizens for the past four years.

Citizens must take the time to call the City Managers office at 587-2405 to stop this mistake before it happens. A call to the Commissioners would also be in order.