City Gives KSU Money

The City Commission approved the City/University Special Projects Funds for 2002 Tuesday night. Before the meeting one project was removed. A Community Communication Center was to get $73,000.

This is the Local TV Center being promoted by Commissioner Ed Klimek.


The City/University Special Projects Fund was created as a result of the annexation of Kansas State University in July of 1994 for the purpose of funding projects that are deemed to be of mutual benefit to the community and to Kansas State University. The annexation agreement specifies the process to be utilized for the submission and approval of projects.

Last year the City Commission approved the 2002 requests, along with the 2002-2007 preliminary plans submitted by Kansas State University and recommended for approval by the City/University Special Projects Fund Committee. The total amount of the seven (7) projects approved for 2002 was $292,000 (see page 207 of the 2002 Annual Budget attached). The City Commission approved these projects when the Commission adopted the 2002-2007 Capital Improvements Program and the 2002 City Budget in August of 2001.

It should be noted that the University’s original request was for $302,000 in projects, including $10,000 to restore the contingency balance in the fund. During the budget deliberations, President Wefald offered to reduce the request by $10,000 by eliminating the contingency restoration.


The following table outlines the projects for 2002. Please refer to the University’s submission for more details about each project.

Pilot Recycling Project

Continuation of KSU’s campus recycling program $35,000

Improvement to Field/Jogging Track in Old Memorial Stadium

Second of two-year project to improve Old Memorial Stadium. Includes irrigation system, grading, seeding, fencing, storm drainage and design services. $70,000

Sidewalks and Lighting Improvements

Construction of a new sidewalk on the south side of Vattier Street, from North Manhattan Avenue to All Faiths Chapel


Butterfly Conservatory and Insect Zoo

Support for project, including purchase of butterflies, and insect rearing supplies.


Joint Library Project

Continuation of support for the Community Technology Center and CORE program development $60,000

Band Shell Construction in City Park

Construction of Band Shell in City Park


Community Communication Center

Support for equipment for the development of a Community Communications Center $73,000

TOTAL $292,000






Annually, the City enters into agreements with the agency or agencies responsible for administering the projects to ensure that funds are expended on approved projects. The University will be responsible for all projects listed above, with the exception of the shaded items (Joint Library Project, the Band Shell Construction in City Park and the Community Communication Center). The total of the projects to be administered by the University at this time is $144,000.

The other remaining projects are either pending or will not be administered by the University. The status of each is as follows:

* Joint Library Project: Currently, there is discussion of possible amendments to the originally-proposed Joint Library Project. Once the details of a new proposal are finalized, an agreement will be brought forward to the Commission for consideration.

* Band Shell Project: The funds for the Band Shell Project have been transferred by the City from the City/University Special Projects Fund into the account set up for donations for this project. A Manhattan citizen, Lowell Jack, has been spearheading private fundraising efforts for this project. Including the $15,000, the total raised to date approximately $115,000 toward the project. The current estimate for the construction of the shell is slightly over