12 April 01

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Itís About Time!

Ok, itís time to let the Wildcat out of the bag! I was talking to Bill the other day right before the media conference when he called
me and asked which player he should name as the pre-season starting quarterback. I told him to call back later, because Iím just
a little busy right now. He kept calling and calling leaving messages on the recorder until I finally answered. I told him to make it
quick because I have a column to write.

He said, sorry to bother you Ben, but tell me whom I should name as the number 1 quarterback. So I just said, listen all the
number 2ís that are filling the holes from the number ones, make them the number ones and all the new comers will have to battle
for the spot when the time comes. I told him to name a few players that are looking good and practicing well and that there is a lot
of competition in all the spots.

Then he asked what he should say about the injured players. I told him, Bill, how many times do I have to tell you, you donít tell
them nutten bout no injured players! If any of those reporters ask you about injuries just stare them down, throw your arms in the
air and say, "where the heck have you been, guy?" and they will know.

He was really thankful and said he would call me back right before the spring game for more advice.

All right, so thatís not quite how the conversation went. It was more about him needing a new watch. I donít know if he broke his or
if it just wore out but I know for a fact he needs a new watch! Ok, this is what happened, I called him up not knowing that he
needed a new watch and said; hey Bill what time do you have? And he said, I donít have the time right now! Then he hung up,
quite hard. So now you know why he wouldnít give me the time of day, itís because he needs a new watch and maybe a new

Have a Great Wildcat Day!