KSU Makes Promotions In Faculty Ranks

More than 60 faculty members at Kansas State University are receiving a promotion in rank. The promotions have been approved by Jon Wefald, K-State president.

The promotions, which go into effect July 1, include 31 faculty members to professor, and 36 to associate professor.

Earning a promotion to professor are:

Fadi Aramouni, animal sciences and industry; Dale Blasi, animal sciences and industry; Kirby Chapman, mechanical and nuclear engineering; Shafiqul Chowdhury, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Walter Dodds, biology; Rebecca Gould, hotel, restaurant, institution management and dietetics; Michael Haddock, science librarian, KSU Libraries; Carol Ann Holcomb, human nutrition; Mustaque Hossain, civil engineering; Kenneth Hughey, counseling and educational psychology; Srinivas Kambhampati, entomology; Michael Kenney, anatomy and physiology; Les Kinsler, engineering technology; Vladimir Krstic, architecture; Jingyu Lin, physics; Zongzhu Lin, mathematics; Charles Lubbers, journalism and mass communications; Michael McNamara, architecture; Brian Niehoff, management; Bimal Paul, geography; Alexander Rosenberg, mathematics; Christopher Ross, anatomy and physiology; James Roush, clinical sciences; Bonnie Rush, clinical sciences; Robert Schaeffer, sociology, anthropology and social work; William Schenck-Hamlin, speech communication, theater and dance; Gurdip Singh, computer and information sciences; Janice Swanson, animal sciences and industry; Randal Taylor, biological and agricultural engineering; Uwe Thumm, physics; and Evan Titgemeyer, animal sciences and industry.

Earning a promotion to associate professor are:

Mahbub Alam, biological and agricultural engineering; Kevin Blake, geography; Brad DeBey, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Jane Mertz Garcia, family studies and human services; David Griffin, secondary education; Kevin Gwinner, marketing; Don Gruenbacher, electrical and computer engineering; Angela Hubler, women’s studies; Swinder Janda, marketing; Loretta Johnson, biology; James Lillich, clinical sciences; Laurel Littrell, humanities librarian, KSU Libraries; Xiangxing "Max" Lu, geography; Melody LeHew, apparel, textiles and interior design; Ruth Miller, electrical and computer engineering; Kevin Murry, foundations and adult education; Mitchell Neilsen, computer and information sciences; Torgeir Norheim, architecture; Pietro Poggi-Corradini, mathematics; Tweed Ross, foundations and adult education; Timothy Rozell, animal sciences and industry; Janice Sargeant, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Paul Smith, biochemistry; Gregory Spaulding, engineering technology; Steven Starrett, civil engineering; David Stone, history; Xiaoyan Tang, plant pathology; Katherine Tilley, grain science and industry; William Turnley, management; Ralf Warmuth, chemistry; Steven Warren, electrical and computer engineering; Kimberly With, biology; Jianmin Zhou, plant pathology; Kun Yan Zhu, entomology; Richard Zajac, arts, sciences and business; and Sue Zschoche, history.