Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Itís Not Dunn Yet, Itís all Ell for now!

Everything is all un-Dunn right now. Nothing is even close to being Dunn at this time, but some day it could all be Dunn. This
Saturday is the Spring Game and we still wonít know if it is Dunn afterwards. This weekend is just a public scrimmage or practice
and has nothing to do with number one being Dunn. Coach Snyder is the only one that can say when it is Dunn, but right now he
says it isnít Dunn yet.

For right now everything is Ell, but it doesnít have to be Ell if itís not Dunn. If itís not Ell or Dunn, it has to be Milne or Schwinn. If
Ell breaks loose and puts a gap between the rest of them it may never be Dunn. But for now itís all Ell and not Dunn, because
Ellís all warmed over and doesnít even want it to be close to being Dunn.

During the Spring Game it will probably start off being Ell and then it will be Dunn. During the game they will be going to Ell and
back the whole time. Marc will be doing all he can to keep the ball away from Ell and keep Ell out of there. But if Ell gets hot, you
can bet that Marc will be doing all he can to be as hot as Ell or else it wonít be Dunn. Snyder said theyíre going to Ell for now and
they wonít back away from Ell until Marc beats the Ell out of the number one spot, then itíll be Dunn.

Donít expect it to be Dunn right after the Spring Game because he doesnít know the system as good as Ell yet. He will have to
know the system as good as Ell before they will even consider it being Dunn.

No matter what Coach Snyder decides, whether they go to Ell or call it Dunn it will be one Ell of a fight until itís all Dunn or all Ell!

I think Iím done with Ell and Dunn for now, but for good!

Have a Great Wildcat Day!