Blue Rapids Native To Hold Art Show

"Favorite Places", a one-man show of nearly 30 landscape paintings by George Callison, an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America, is coming to Marysville. This art event is open to the general public at no charge and 30% of the sales of paintings benefit the good works of The Lee Dam Center for Fine Arts. A special reception with the artist will be held at The Center on Friday, May 24 from 7 to 9 PM.

The Lee Dam Center for Fine Arts is at 201 South 9th Street, Marysville, Kansas. "Favorite Places" is available from May 4 through May 26, 2002: Saturdays and Sundays, 1 to 4 PM.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Vicarious adventures are at every turn. Common places, exotic places, they all take on new meaning when seen through the eyes of painter, George Callison.

You become the explorer when you experience these paintings of boats bobbing in harbors, water dashing down rocky mountain streams, canoeists crossing an autumn river, giant firs glowing with sun along an ice blue mountain lake, knee-knocking views from cliffs in southwestern canyon lands, lonesome desert arroyos, lush rainforest jungles of Costa Rica, towering wild fires, scary tornadoes, floods, flower covered Hawaiian beaches, sheep strewn meadows of Tasmania, crystalline trout pools, and more.

Callison, who frequently paints on-location, credits his Kansas up-bringing for helping him to endure erratic winds, mean weather, and bad bugs of every stripe when painting outdoors.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: George, who now lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, is native to Blue Rapids, Kansas where, from his hunting and gathering parents (and from many other generous individuals in the community at-large), he learned to appreciate land and life and to see nature deeply.

Such interest in nature led him to a professional career in science. Now, after many years of teaching and paleontological research at the university level as well as science museum and nature park planning and design, he has turned to art.

Among his oil and watercolor paintings from world travels he emphasizes the wildness of mountains, mesas, and canyons of Colorado and Utah. He notes, "I love the power of a high mountain storm, the mystery of reflections, the anticipation of adventure, the play of sun and shadow, the excitement of discovery, the enigma of clouds, the surprise of color, and the patina of history."

Come; enjoy this adventurous show of fine art. Where else can you visit the world without having an airport security check?