Sports UpDate

By Ben Brake

How About Them Cheese Heads!

Kansas State has 13 Wildcats going to the NFL, 6 were drafted and 7 were picked up as free agents. The latest announcement was that Quarterback Jonathan Beasley will be a Green Bay Packer. Yep, thatís right, he will be hanging out with some Cheese heads. The Packers will be getting a heck of a guy. I have never heard Jonathan talk "smack" before or after a game, say a bad thing about anybody or another team, and is willing to take responsibility deserved or not.

When K-State would do great he would always say "we" did good, when they didnít play very well he would say that "he" made some mistakes. He would not try to put the blame on anybody or try to take credit for somebody else. He is just a quality guy all the way around. Green Bay is very fortunate to have a young man with Jonathanís qualities on their team and it kind of helps that he knows how to play football too.

For the last couple of months I have been working on a web page for K-State fans in my spare time. I am still working on it and hope it wonít be long until it is complete, but it is in a stage right now that people can use it. I am always open for suggestions if you have other things you would like to see or think of a way to make it better. Please feel free to e-mail me with your suggestions (good or bad), because it canít get better without your help. I hope you enjoy the site.