27 April 2000

Citizens Need To Help In Budget Process

The 2001 Budget process is underway. But, if the Citizens of Manhattan wait until the proposed public hearing it will be too

By the time the public hearing on August 1 rolls around it will be too late to change things. Citizens should start telling the
Commissioners now, what the like and don't like.

Here is a Calendar showing the history and the future of the budget process:


2001-2006 CIP CALENDAR

December 1999

14 Hold a Policy Session with the City Commission regarding the proposed 2001 Budget and 2001-2006 Capital
Improvements Program(CIP) schedule and other budget planning issues

January 2000

10 Distribute 2001-2006 CIP citizen request forms to Advisory Boards/Media/Citizens

10 Also distribute CIP forms to City Departments

February 2000

25 Deadline for citizens to have CIP requests to Advisory Boards

March 2000

28 City Administration presents one-year revenue assumptions and projections to City Commission at a Policy Session

31 Deadline for Advisory Boards to have CIP recommendations to City Departments

31 Deadline for City Departments to have CIP items entered into the computer

April 2000

3 Finance makes budget forms available to City Departments

5 Finance distributes proposed CIP document to City Departments

10 CIP Executive Committee meets to balance CIP to Financial Forecast

3-14 Finance Department provides budget training to City Departments

25 Policy Session on proposed 2001-2006 CIP

May 2000

12 Deadline for Departmental 2001 budgets to be entered into the computer

26 Finance Department distributes proposed 2001 Budget to the City Manager and City Departments

June 2000

5-9 City Manager meets with City Department Heads on Proposed 2001 Budget

14 Finance Department distributes second draft of proposed 2001 Budget and any changes to the 2001 CIP

16 Executive Committee meets to balance 2001 Budget

July 2000

3 Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board considers if the CIP is in conformance with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan

11 Policy Session on proposed 2001 Budget

21 Publish notice of CIP/Budget public hearing to be held on August 1, 2000.

August 2000

1 Hold the official public hearing on the 2001 Budget, Amended 2000 Budget for select Funds(if necessary), 2001-2006
CIP, consider a resolution approving the CIP and first reading of an ordinance approving the 2001 Budget and the Amended
2000 Budget(if necessary)

15 Approve second reading of an ordinance approving the 2001 Budget and Amended 2000 Budget(if necessary)

25 Certify 2001 Budget to Riley County Clerk