Mercy, Wamego Hospitals Extablish Agreement

The Wamego City Council approved a plan Tuesday, April 2nd for Wamego City Hospital to establish an agreement with Mercy Health Center and Via Christi Health Systems. A new operating partnership will be formed to manage Wamego City Hospital with Mercy Health Center holding fifty-one percent ownership and Wamego City Hospital owning forty-nine percent.

The agreement is pending approval by both the Mercy Health Centerís Board of Directors and Via Christi Health System Board, further any decision is also subject to complete and appropriate due diligence and legal reviews.

The Joint Operating Agreement strategically seeks to enhance the availability of medical services for the residents of Wamego and the surrounding area by supporting the natural flow of business and services between Manhattan and Wamego with the growth of the Highway 24 corridor.

"It is Mercy Health Centerís vision to create a regional center of health care which is highly respected, creates excellent clinical outcomes, and provides efficient services that are accessible to where individuals work and live," stated Richard Allen, CEO/President, Mercy Health Center.

"Enhancing the availability of medical services for the residents of Wamego and the surrounding areas, while ensuring a shared governance is vital," stated Bill Mahoney, CEO/President, Wamego City Hospital. "As the demand for health services is growing particularly for obstetrics, cardiovascular, cancer, and orthopedic care, the citizens of Wamego strongly support this initiative. The true benefactors are the patients that gain access to expanded health services and care right here at home."

Ensuring the patient receives appropriate care close to their home and ensuring that demands for health care are met, Mercy Health Center will be the controlling and managing partner with support services provided by Via Christi Health Systems. The partnership alliance allows the region to maximize health resources ensuring quality health care solutions and quality of life that is part of the strong heritage of the Flint Hills.