Voters Replace Incumbents With Challengers

The voters of Manhattan went to the polls Tuesday and turned away all but one incumbent. The popular Dr. Roger Reitz was the lone
incumbent left standing at the end of the day. But, even after being on the Commission and being Mayor, Reitz was only able to come in

Newcomers Mark Taussig and Brad Everett running on a conservative platform topped Reitz, Mayor Karen McCulloh and Commissioner
Carol Peak. Challenger David Johnson ended in fourth ahead of McCulloh and Peak.

The voting: Mark Taussig 4,140; Brad Everett 4,094; Roger Reitz 3,554; David Johnson 2,531; Karen McCulloh 2,012; Carol Peak 560.

Three new faces will be on the Manhattan-Ogden School Board.

The voting: Jim Shroyer 4,036; Dorothy Soldan 3,994; Walter Pesaresi 3,982; Flordie Pettis 3,237; Milo Kelley 1,040; J. Scott Smith 1,016.

Pettis was the only incumbent running for re-election.