City Starts Work On New Cable TV Agreement

Sammi Mangus, Assistant to the City Manager and Jason Hilgers, Redevelopment Coordinator for the City gave talked to the Commission Tuesday night about a new franchise agreement with Cox Communications.

The City charges Cox Communications a 5% Franchise Fee now and this figure will not increase because under law 5% is the maximum. The City will be asking for public, educational and governmental channels (PEGs) through the franchise agreement.

This is the Community Communications Center being pushed by Commissioner Ed Klimek. Klimek has been involved in local radio stations and wants to see a communications center which would be a non-for-profit company. To fund the operations the franchise agreement would add a pass-through cost. Salina receives 80 cents per month, per customer to fund their communications center. The cable company pays the fee but add it to the customer's bill.

Here are the other franchise agreement do dates:

• Cox Communications - Expires April 2002

• Kansas Power & Light (Electricity) - Expires January 2006

• Kansas Gas Service (Gas) - Expires January 2006

• Southwestern Bell - Expires January 2003

• Kansas State University (Telecommunications) - Expires September 2003

• Kansas State University (Cable) - Expires February 2002

• City of Wamego (Telephone) - Expires July 2002

•Western Union-Term of franchise not indicated