11 May 00

Manhattan Fire Chief Larry Reese Announces Retirement

Director of Fire Services Larry D. Reese announced his retirement from the City of Manhattan effective June 23, 2000. The
resignation was announced today by Ron R. Fehr, City Manager, for the City of Manhattan.

Fehr said, "Having to replace someone with the vast experience, professionalism, and breadth of knowledge that Larry
brought to the City’s management team will be a challenge. He has always been at the forefront of providing for the safety
and wellbeing of his employees and the public. We wish Larry a long and enjoyable retirement and thank him and his family
for making Manhattan a better place to live, work, and play."

Mr. Reese served in the capacity as Fire Chief for the past eight years and as a firefighter of various ranks for nearly
thirty-two years. Positional ranks with the City of Manhattan included: Deputy Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Battalion
Chief, Lieutenant, Fire Driver, and as a Firefighter at the beginning of his career in 1968.

During his tenure with the City, Reese has been instrumental in increasing the broad-based services that are provided to the
community. Reese reorganized the Department’s administration in order to provide more effective supervision and service to
the citizens of Manhattan; he increased the Department’s involvement and cooperation with other departments within the
City; he directed and assisted many citizens in helping reduce the damage created by the 1993 flood; he was instrumental in
the development and passing of a bill that allows communities served by two emergency management agencies to select a
single agency to work under; he oversaw the introduction of the Code Services Department into the Department of Fire
Services; and finally, his involvement in professional organizations resulted in the implementation of new ideas in
administration, fire suppression, and public education.

Commenting on his departure, Reese said, "I leave the Department knowing that it is staffed and equipped to meet the many
challenges that will be faced in the coming years. I have been blessed

with the highest quality of dedicated staff and department members that any Fire Chief could ever hope for. I will miss their
friendship and professionalism as my spouse Shelley and I start a new phase in our lives."

Larry and Shelley have two daughters. Laurie resides in Houston, Texas and is the Drama Department Head for Alvin High
School. Mandy, is employed by the Kansas City, Kansas School District where she teaches music education.

Mr. Reese’s final day as Director of Fire Services will be June 23, 2000. A search for a replacement will begin immediately.