11 May 00

Colber Hills Gives County Notice Of Tax Exemption

The Kansas State University Colbert Hills Golf Course has notified the Riley County Commission that they will be filing for
property tax exemption .

The Commission discussed a letter dated March 6, 2000 at the May 1 Commission meeting. The letter was written by
Monte Griffin Executive Director, Kansas State University Golf Course Management and Research Foundation.

Here is the letter:

Dear Commissioners:

As you know, the Kansas State University Golf Course Management and Research Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non profit
organization organized under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code for purposes of providing educational experiences
related to the golf industry and conducting research on golf related issues. With the opening of Colbert Hills, we have put in
place a new undergraduate major in Golf Course Management which utilizes Colbert Hills for its internships and research.
Additionally, we have placed Colbert Hills in the Audubon International Signature program and are conducting a 20 year
research project on the impact of developing a golf course on native tall grass prairie. To date, more than $400,000 of
research, some of which even pre-dates the commencement of construction, has been conducted on Colbert Hills.

In the process of appraisal by the County for tax assessment purposes, it has become evident that this project, its ownership,
financing and purposes are unique within the golf industry. This obviously presents significant difficulty in valuing the property
for tax assessment. Therefore, we request a meeting with the Board of Commissioners to arrange the filing of an application
for property tax exemption on the property (based upon its record ownership and its use) and the concurrent agreement of
the KSUGCMRF to make an annual payment in lieu of taxes on the property.

We believe these goals to be both appropriate and attainable. However, pending their completion, we hope you understand
that the Foundation must continue to preserve its rights with regard to any tax assessment placed on the property.

We look forward to discussing these matters with the County Commission at its earliest convenience.


Monte Griffin

Executive Director, KSUGCMRF