Wal-Mart Submits Another Plan For Super Center

You knew it was coming...a new plan for the Wal-Mart Super Center at the east end of Bluemont. Will this one get past the City Staff, City Planning Board and the City Commission? Only time will tell. The other 55 did not.

This plan keeps the front of the store facing south. Some Planning Board and City Commission members were asking that the building be turned to face the west.

This plan does relieve the Third Street and Bluemont Ave. problem. Bluemont would end at Tuttle Creek Blvd. A three-lane entrance and exit would be at the Bluemont Ave. extension location but cars would not be able to access Tuttle Creek Blvd. from the east.

The Frontage Road would stay in front of Ace Hardware, Roche’ and Clyde’s. At the North end traffic would not be able to make a left hand turn to get to Tuttle Creek Blvd. but must turn East on McCall Road.

This plan would make MaCall Road the main entrance to Wal-Mart and would make the City upgrade McCall Road. It would cut the cost to the City of Manhattan and that may be a reason the City would approve this plan.