18 May 2000

Stupid Roundabout


By Jon A. Brake

According to Jerry Petty, Director of Public Work for the City, Manhattan has three types of streets: Local, Collector and

The Local streets are where most residents live. The Collector streets (Browning, Juliette, North Manhattan) take traffic from
the residential areas to the Arterial streets (Ft Riley Blvd, Tuttle Creek, Seth Childs).

Arterial Streets are for moving traffic, fast. This is why new Arterial Streets have few stoplights. There was a time when Fort
Riley Blvd. had few lights. The same is true with Tuttle Creek Blvd and Seth Childs.

The City Staff and the City Commission has allowed Kimball Ave. to age before its time. What they call the modern
roundabout is stupid. It does not help traffic; it stops traffic.

Petty said that in the first week after the intersection opened he was receiving one phone call a day complaining. If the citizens
of Manhattan what to stop the next roundabout at North Manhattan & Kimball they had better call Petty and tell him what
they think. His office phone number is on page 4.