Main Runway At Manhattan Airport Passes Inspection

The Manhattan Airport received good news last week from the Department of the Army. An airfield pavement evaluation was conducted 5 May, 2002 at Manhattan Regional Airport in conjunction with a Tanker Airlift Control Element (TALCE) airfield survey. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the strength of the airfield pavements for use by AMC aircraft.

The evaluation was needed if Fort Riley is to continue using the airport for troop movements.

The report stated:

"The primary runway 03/21, parallel taxiway (A), and parking apron are suitable for use by AMC aircraft. Pavements are in very good condition and well maintained. Some longitudinal cracks are present, but do not appear to be structural in nature. Although the PCN is high enough for sustained operations, it should be noted that with sustained operations of C-17, KC-10 and C-5, increased maintenance would be required and pavement life span would be reduced."

The second runway running northwest did not pass but it is not used for military aircraft.