City Bills Riley County $34,000 For 2001 Shelter

Oh! Yea! The check is in the mail. Sure it is, heard that one before.

The Riley County Commission received a letter from Melanie Landis, Accounting Supervisor for the City of Manhattan dated May 8th.

Landis started in the letter: "Please accept this letter as a written invoice in the amount of $34,000 for the year 2001 and the remaining amount of $833.50 for the first half of 2002 for Riley County's Financial support of the Manhattan Regional Animal Shelter."

Manhattan and Riley County have had a problem with the cost of the animal shelter after the City made a $1 million addition and then raised rates.

Landis even gave the County an out: "We are sure this is an oversight possibly due to personnel turnover so we would appreciate your attention to this matter."

It was true, the County voted to pay the bill in December but it was never paid.

The check is in the mail, now.