That's The Brakes

By Jon A. Brake

Help is on its way.

This issue of the Manhattan Free Press has 20 pages. That is a lot for a one-person operation, but donít worry, help is on its

From June 5 to June 10 my grandson Brandon will be here to help Grandpa Jon. This will be the third time Brandon has
helped with the Free Press.

Last year, Brandon came up (from Oklahoma City) the first week of July. The first day, Monday he was up at 7:00 and to
the coffee shop and it did not end until 11:00 or 11:30 that night. The next morning up at 7:00, I said up at 7:00, Ok for the
rest of the week Grandpa Jon was up at 7:00. Brandon was up at 9:00. He did stay with me until 11:00 every night.

It was fun; we sold ads, picked up news copy and laid out the paper. Brandon even did a free hand drawing of a power cat
for my computer screen saver.

I like to tell my grand children that they should get ice cream every day. And as long as they are with me, we get ice cream at
the Kream Kup every day. After they have been back home Ben will call and say: "what do you mean, "ice cream every

Brandon is twelve and granddaughter Megan is 8. I think it is about time for Megan to start helping Grandpa with the paper

Take a good look at todayís Free Press. You will find several new features: comics, editorial cartoons, bridge, and
crosswords. If you like what you see, please let me know. At least for the week of June 5-10 I will be the old man with a big

The paper is at 20 pages.

And help is on its way.