25 May 2000

Change Order No. 1 For Roundabout

Roundabout In Use Only 20 Days

City of Manhattan

New Release:

The City of Manhattan has decided to make some modifications to the new roundabout intersection at Kimball
Avenue and Grand Mere Parkway. The chages are relatively minor, but will have positive implications on the
operating characteristics of the intersection. Entrance and exit radii on the Kimball Avenue approaches will be
made larger, and the widths of those same approaches will be made wider.

In order to accomplish this work, through traffic will not be allowed on Kimball Avenue. Local traffic to the
Colbert Hills Golf Course will be allowed through the intersection during construction, if approaching from the
east. Local traffic approaching from the south will be diverted to the construction roadway adjacent to the

Work will begin on Tuesday, May 30, 2000. Weather permitting, the construction will be complete and traffic will
resume to normal sometime during the week of June 5.