25 May 2000

University of Mankind To Offer French/Spanish

Brian Barnett, a senior in French/Spanish/International Studies at KSU, will be teaching classes this summer through the
University of Mankind. Brian is from Colby KS and after graduation,plans to teach at the college level.

Classes will be offered for both children and adults, and there will be two one-month sessions. Games will be used in the
children’s classes to teach the French and Spanish languages. The emphasis will be on conversation and recognition with very
little written work. This class is appropriate for children ages 8-12. The adult classes are for people who have had little or no
previous knowledge of French or Spanish. The focus will be on both conversational and grammatical points. For registration
information, call USM @ 539-8763 or
for more class information, write Brian Barnett at cbb0809@ksu.edu