25 May 2000

Volunteers Awarded Certificates

On Sunday, May 21, at the Riley County Genealogical Society’s Annual Library Open House at 2005 Claflin Road, two of
its volunteers were awarded Certificates of Appreciation for their service to the Kansas genealogical communities..

Roy Page was awarded a "Certificate of Appreciation for serving as editor of the RCGS Library’s quarterly genealogical
publication, Kansas Kin. During the past seven years he contributed significantly to the Society’s community role in
preserving early family history records of Kansas. Roy and his wife Mary, co-editor of Kansas Kin, plan to continue their
volunteer genealogical support to the RCGS library and its patrons.

Libby Wolffing was recognized for her outstanding achievements with a Certificate of Appreciation. She has served as library
genealogist for ten plus years volunteering approximately five hundred hours of public service research during each of those
years. She is a volunteer librarian, recording secretary and has served as corresponding secretary. Libby is highly regarded in
the local genealogical community.

Janeice Crosson was introduced as the new editor of Kansas Kin. Recently she was named editor for the Kansas Council of
Genealogical Society’s bimonthly newsletter, a state-wide publication. She comes to these positions with a background of
teaching high school English, book reviewing for Kansas Kin, and volunteering for many RCGS and community projects. Her
computer expertise is extensively utilized by members of RCGS and patrons of the library.