KSU Faculty Earn Emeritus Status

Emeritus status has been granted to 23 faculty members by Jon Wefald, Kansas State University president.

The faculty members and their years of service to K-State are:

Richard Akins, professor of chemical engineering, 39 years; Fred Anderson, graphic designer, agricultural communications, 19 years; Joseph Campbell, instructor of computing and information sciences, 21 years; Robert Clore, associate professor of art, 32 years; Peggy Dettmer, professor of special education, 21 years; Stan Elsea, professor of management and associate dean of the College of Business Administration, 17 years; Marilyn Glenn, Kingman County Extension agent, 33 years; Nancy Goulden, associate professor of speech communication, theater and dance, 17 years; George Ham, professor of agronomy and associate director for research, K-State Research and Extension, 21 years; James Keating, professor of engineering technology, nine years; Patricia Kolonosky, instructor of English, 29 years; David Kromm, professor of geography, 35 years.

William Loucks, professor of horticulture, forestry and recreation resources, 35 years; Lane Marshall, professor of landscape architecture and regional and community planning, 12 years; Carol Oukrop, professor of journalism and mass communications, 33 years; Avelina Paulsen, instructor of biology, 36 years; Neville Reay, professor of physics, nine years; Eugene Russell, professor of civil engineering, 28 years; C. Stephen Scheneman, coordinator, professional development, K-State Research and Extension, 12 years; Eileen Schofield, senior editor, agricultural communications, 18 years; George Tunstall, professor of modern languages, 24 years; Richard Wootton, professor of horticulture, forestry and recreation resources and associate director for Extension, K-State Research and Extension, 15 years; and Don Yauk, Clark County Extension agent, 19 years.