Manhattan Seventh-Graders Picked As State's Brightest

Eleven Manhattan seventh-graders will be part of more than 900 of the states brightest seventh-graders who have been invited to be honored at a special ceremony Sunday at the University of Kansas. Almost 500 are expected to attend.

From Manhattan are: Paul W Brecht, Ted V Chang, Rhiannon E Chubb, Laura K Feeley, Sara C Maatta, Mrinal Pahwa, Anastasia Place, Virginia M Roberson, Joanna Rys, Alan J Schurle, Autumn N Shoemaker.

The students, who scored in the top five percent on college entrance exams while still in middle school, will be recognized at the state ceremony for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP), a non-profit education program dedicated to the cultivation and education of talented American youth. The program is in its 21st year.