4 May 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Purple and White Game

Who won the battle between Beasley and Roberson?

The answer to the 64 thousand-dollar question is hard to give. You have to look at more than just the statistics. You have to
look at the defense as well. Beasley only played against the number 1 defense and Roberson played against both. If you look
at the raw statistics you would have to say Roberson had the advantage. But his best numbers came against the 2nd team


When Roberson played the 2nd team defense he averaged just under a mile per run 150 yards on 6 carries (25.0 yards per
carry.) When he went against the 1st team defense he had 36 yards on 7 carries an average of 5.1 yards per carry. His total
was 13 carries for 186 yards or 14.3 yards per carry.

Beasley averaged 1.9 yards per carry with 55 yards on 14 carries against the 1st team defense.


Beasley had 11 completions on 24 attempts or a completion rate of 45 percent.

Roberson had 5 completions out of 13 against the 2nd team defense or a completion rate of 39 percent. Against the 1st team
he completed 4 out of 10 attempts for 40 percent. His total was 9 of 23 for a completion rate of just under 40 percent.

Neither of the two quarterbacks threw an interception.


2- Beasley had a 43-yard pass for a touchdown and a 2-yard run.

4- Roberson had a 73-yard run, 26-yard pass, 58-yard run, and a 1-yard run.

Robersonís first play from scrimmage was a 73-yard scant that gave the 13,742 fans (a spring game record for K-State) a
peek of what they have been dying to see for a year and they werenít disappointed.

The way I view it is this:

1. Itís just the spring scrimmage and itís a long time yet until the first game.

2. Both quarterbacks need practice.

3. Beasley has a slight edge on passing

4. Roberson has the edge on rushing

5. Beasley has experience and knows the system.

6. Roberson seems to have more athleticism.

7. Neither is throwing accurately enough.

If K-State were to play an official game this coming weekend I believe they would start Beasley. Heís been there before and
his first game jitters are gone. But, I also believe that if Beasley doesnít produce he will lose his starting job in a flash. The
most encouraging thing to me is that we are going to have one ELL of a quarterback in the future.

It doesnít matter what I think, you think, or what anybody else thinks Bill Snyder will do what he wants, when he wants, and
how he wants. He has turned a bottom dwelling football team into a national powerhouse almost overnight. If he were to ask
me for my opinion, the only thing I would have to say is lose the prevent defense. Bill, if you read this please donít ask, Iím
just saying it for the readers!

NFL notes

Will Bishop play or watch?

Those of you that follow Michael Bishop and the New England Patriots may have a chance to see Bishop play this year.
Coach Belichick told his players at the beginning of rookie minicamp that they were all starting from scratch.

Coach Belichick told everybody theyíre starting from ground zero. Nobody knows anything. Weíre starting from zero and
the evaluation starts last night,íí he said Friday before heading to practice with the rookies and undrafted free agents.

"I donít care if the guyís a first-round draft choice or a free agent. Anybody can start, and everyone has a chance. Thatís
why they are all here. As we ask the guys to do things, they will begin to separate. They are all Patriots now and its up to
each of them what they do on the field."

The players seem to like the new coach. They feel that he is a no-nonsense and straightforward type of guy. But on the other
hand the players say that he will also joke with them.

Will Bishop be able to surpass Drew Bledsoe? Only time will tell. At least he will have a chance. Right now Michael Bishop
is the 3rd string quarterback behind 1st string Drew Bledsoe and 2nd string John Friesz. Bishop will have to show them what
heís got. In a close race I believe they would stay with the experience of Bledsoe. I donít believe that Coach Belichick would
leave Bledsoe in a game if he doesnít produce like Last years New England coach Pete Carroll did on a few occasions.
Weíll just have to wait and see.


Kansas State head basketball coach Jim Wooldridge announced that Daryl Williams has signed a national letter of intent to
play basketball for K-State.

Williams is a 6 foot 5 inch, 195- pound guard from Pasco-Hernando Community College in New Port Richey, Florida.
Williams was the Sun Coast Conference Player of the Year. He averaged 17.2 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 2.5
steals last season.

Wooldridge said, "He has demonstrated strong leadership on every level he has played and is a proven winner. He is an
outstanding offensive player but can also play defense and is a strong rebounder."


The Kansas State Wildcats piled up seven runs in the first two innings on April 30 to lead the Wildcats to a 9-6 win over
Missouri in a Big 12 Conference baseball game.

The win enabled Kansas State (17-26, 4-19) to put an end to a 19-game road losing streak and prevented Missouri from
getting its first conference series sweep of the season.

Womenís Basketball

Kansas State all-time shot blocker Olga Firsova was a first round draft choice for the New York Libertyís WNBA team.
She is the first Wildcat to ever be drafted in the WNBA.

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