June 1, 2000

County Commission To Vote On FIF District


By Jon A. Brake

What to do! What to do!

Big bucks are riding on the Riley County Commissioners today. The Commission must vote to approve or
disapprove a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) redevelopment district along North Third Street between
Leavenworth Street and Bluemont Avenue.

With two Commissioners up for re-election they could choose, as the School District did and that is to do nothing.
If the Commissioners choose to do nothing, the redevelopment will continue.

If they vote no to the proposal the redevelopment will end.

First National Development Ltd. of Chicago, Ill. has the approval of the City to continue with the plans calling for
the development of a shopping center on 35 acres of land east of Fourth Street. A resolution passed February 15,
commits the City to work with only this developer for the next four years.

Some area residents and business owners are against the redevelopment. They feel that if they are forced to sell
through eminent domain they would not receive enough to purchase in other areas of the city.

The County Commission must decide if Riley County will be hurt by the TIF District. A motion will be made today
to not approve the request. How the Commissioners vote will determine if this process will continue. If it passes it
will be a 2-1 vote.

What to do! What to do!