15 June 2000

Sports Update

By Ben E. Brake

I would like to thank the families of all the assistant coaches on offense. The assistant coaches are the meat and potatoes of
the coaching staff. They put in numerous hours to make sure that the team knows the ins and outs, rights and wrongs, and the
dos and don’ts. This takes a lot of time and their families sacrifice a lot so we can reap the benefits. Thank you.

Paul Dunn

Offensive Line / Running Game Coordinator

Coach Dunn gets to coordinate the battle between David Allen, Josh Scobey, and maybe Joe Hall (If he can stay out of hot

Paul Dunn joined the K-State staff in February 1998. He has 17 years of coaching experience and came to K-State from
Vanderbilt. He was also college roommate of NFL star quarterback Dan Marino. He and wife Melody have three children -
Katlyn, Casey and Kelsey.

Matt Miller

Tight Ends Coach

Coach Miller joined the K-State staff as a full-time assistant in February 1999, after two seasons as a graduate assistant. He
started at quarterback for K-State in 1995 and helped the Wildcats to a 10-2 record and Holiday Bowl win over Colorado

Matt Miller will be getting Shad Meier ready for his breakthrough senior year and provide the depth at tight end with Nick
Warren and Brian Lamone.

Greg Peterson

Passing Game Coordinator / Wide Receivers / Recruiting Coordinator

Coach Peterson is now in his sixth year on the K-State staff, including his third as the passing game coordinator and fifth as
the wide receivers coach. Coach Peterson may have one of the easiest jobs this year out of all the assistant coaches. He
should be able to run on idle with the outstanding receivers returning this year. He will have Morgan, Lockett, Wesley, Libel,
and Clark in the passing game. Wow! Could you ask for a better group of receivers? Greg and Leanna Peterson have two
children, Taylor and Rachael.

The offensive coaches have a little work to do this year, do to the inconsistencies from last year. They need to make sure that
the offense doesn’t sputter like it did in 99. I believe that they will have the offense ready to take control early. These coaches
are dedicated to making this program work and will have the offense firing on all cylinders. They have several tapes from last
year’s games to show where they have some weaknesses. These assistants are a great bunch of guys and will have most of
the bugs worked out by the first game.

I won’t be able to see my father on Father’s Day, so if you see him, please give him a big hug and tell him happy fathers day
for me. Thank you!


- Fox Sports Net announced Monday that Kansas State’s home game on Sept. 2 with Louisiana Tech will be part of FSN’s
college football schedule this fall.

The Kansas State-Louisiana Tech matchup is part of a tripleheader on Fox Sports Net on Sept. 2. Mississippi State travels
to Memphis for a 2:30 CT kickoff, with the Wildcats and Bulldogs to follow at 6 p.m. The tripleheader concludes with
Stanford playing at Washington State at 9:15 CT

Did You Know?

Touchdown I-XI

In 1922, Hall-of-Famer Charles Bachman asked alumni to consider donating an actual Wildcat to the school to serve as a
mascot. KSAC alumni Herbert R. Groome and John E. McCoy, both veterinarians in Twin Falls, Idaho, donated
"Touchdown 1" to the school shortly after the animal was nursed back to health under their care. (The bobcat had an
encounter with a porcupine, and numerous quills punctured his face and throat. Unfortunately, Touchdown I never fully
recovered from its fight, dying of pneumonia shortly after arriving in Manhattan.)

Although the bobcats have served as K-State’s wildcat mascot since 1922, the animals no longer attend K-State games.
Touchdown XI, the 11th in the line, currently resides at Manhattan’s Sunset Zoo. Provided by the Kansas State University

Rivalry Humor :

A guy walks into a bar and says, "Hey barkeep, did you ever hear the one about the KU Jayhawks?" Four huge men stand
up and approach the man. One of them says, "We play football at KU, you wanna tell that joke to us?" The guy replies,
"What? And have to explain it four times?" Provided by http://kstater.cjb.net/