15 June 2000

Public Hearing Set July 6 For Housing Manhattan Plan City of Manhattan Staff Report


Planning for the Future

The City of Manhattan has been working on a comprehensive study of housing in the community and surrounding
area. Assisting with the Housing Manhattan project is Hanna:Keelan Associates, P.C., a Nebraska based
community planning and research consulting firm.

A Steering Committee, composed of a cross section of citizens involved in the housing market, is providing
overall guidance to this planning initiative. This four phase study includes the development of a community
housing profile; a comprehensive community participation program; a housing needs demand analysis; and
finally, the development of a housing program plan for Manhattan.

The consultant has completed the data collection phase of the project and has compiled results from several
community-wide surveys that were conducted over the summer to gain input from housing providers, lenders, and
consumers. Several Focus Group meetings were held on October 20th and 21st, to gain public input on specific
issues. Additional community meetings using an interactive "Electronic Town Hall format", were held throughout
the day and evening on November 8, 1999. The Electronic Town Hall meetings provided an interactive format in
which participants were presented images, issues and alternative strategies regarding housing in the community,
and asked to respond on electronic keypads by indicating their preferences, and by prioritizing future housing
programs for the community.

Current Status: The draft Housing Manhattan Plan was presented for public comment in a series of meetings
held in January. A presentation was also made in February to a joint City Commission - Manhattan Urban Area
Planning Board work session, during which it was suggested that more information concerning housing-location
criteria and potential housing development areas be identified throughout the community as part of the study.
The consultant has incorporated this information, as well as other modifications and corrections into a final public
hearing draft, which will be considered for formal adoption through the public hearing process with the Planning
Board and City Commission. A public hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, July 6, 2000, at 7 p.m. in the City
Commission Room at City Hall, for the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board to consider adoption of the
"Housing Manhattan Plan", as the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan. Copies are available for review
at the Manhattan Public Library and at the Community Development Department at City Hall, or for purchase at
cost from the Community Development Department.

Any questions regarding the Housing Manhattan project should be referred to Ockert Fourie, Senior Planner, in
the Community Development Department, (785) 587-2412, or e-mail at fourie@ci.manhattan.ks.us.