Walkers From Japan Visit


The "Trans-America Walk 2001" team consisting of 13 young Japanese men and women, who are walking across the United States from coast to coast, will be arriving in Manhattan today. The cross-country trek team will be in Manhattan around 9:00 p.m. on June 21.

The purpose of their "Trans-America Walk 2001" is to celebrate the close friendship that exists between the United States and Japan as we enter the 21st century. The walkers left Mt. Vernon in Virginia on March 30, and plan to arrive in San Francisco on September 8 to attend the ceremonies associated with the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty between Japan and the U.S.

During their 3200 mile trek across the country, the team members will be examining various topics and issues of the day and writing a diary that will be posted on the eventís official website (www.america-walk.org).

The walkers also participate in a number of grass-roots events to meet local residents. Some are walking events hosted by local walking clubs associated with the American Volkssports Association, others are cultural exchange events at schools and senior centers

This event is organized by the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanís largest circulating daily newspaper, and the Japan Walking Association (JWA) with assistance from the American Volkssport Association (AVA).

Junction City is one of the places 5 Japanese college students who hiked from San Francisco to New York City in 1963. The following is the teamís schedule for the next few days:

* June 20 Walk from Topeka (9:00) to St. Marys (3:00) via Route 24.

* June 21 Walk from St. Marys (9:00) to St. George (4:00) via Route 24.

Take an educational tour to see Bison (9:00) at Konza Prairie Biological Station, Kansas State University in Manhattan.

* June 22 Walk from St. George (8:30) to Junction City (4:30) via Route 18 & SSR 114.

* June 24 Walk from Junction City (9:00) to Chapman (4:00) via Route 18, CR 867, and Old HWY 40.