Citizens Asked To Cut Water Usage

The City of Manhattan requests that citizens conserve water for the next 48 hours, due to the extended drought and the completion of maintenance activities at the Water Treatment Plant.

The City requests that water usage be minimized during this period for non-essential purposes, such as: lawn watering and other outside use activities during this time. Citizens may experience water pressures to be lower than normal because of the high-demand for water throughout the City and below normal levels in City water storage towers.

The Manhattan Water Treatment Plant has four treatment basins and two are being painted which cuts down on the production of the plant.

The City has sixteen water wells in the Blue River Valley between Tuttle Creek Boulevard and the Blue River. The City has six water towers with a 5.5 million gallon capacity.

Last June the High Day was 10.8 million gallons. Several days this week the City has reached 16 million gallons.

According to City records in the month of May the Total Well Water Pumped was 250 million gallons. The High Day was May 31st with 12.4 million gallons and the Low Day was May 27th with 5.2 million gallons.

The City's largest user is the new Colbert Hills Golf Course. The golf course can pump 550 gallons of water per minute or 792,000 gallons per day.The new Water Tower built for Colbert Hills hold 500,000 gallons. They fill a pond with City water and then pump from the pond to irrigate the course.