Do We Want The UN Flag Over City Hall?


By Jon A. Brake

At the June 5th Early Meeting City Commissioner Mark Taussig told the Commissioners that he wanted the Commission to reconsider flying the UN Flag in front of City Hall.

Mayor Bruce Snead told Taussig that he had read the UN Charter over the weekend and he could see no reason for removing the Flag.

Try this: On July 9 to 20, the United Nations will hold a conference on "Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects.

"It is scheduled to produce a legally binding treaty to require governments to mark, number, register, record, license, confiscate, and destroy all guns except those in hands of the military and the police." (From Phyllis Schlafly 5-30-01 column.)

If what Phyllis Schlafly says is true, the City of Manhattan would have reason to remove the UN Flag for City Hall.

But then again Commissioner Roger Reitz feels the issue is "divisive" and should not be discussed.

Good government is not where all members of a commission or board agree. Good government is were the issues are openly discussed and voted up or down.

Commissioners Ed Klimek and Brad Everett need to get behind Taussig and revisit the flying of the UN Flag.