29 June 2000

Sports Update

#32 David Allen

Running Back / Return Specialist 5-9 // 200 // Sr. Liberty, Mo. (High)

After the 2000 season David Allen wonít be remembered at K-State for his running back abilities. He is not an
outstanding running back, but he doesnít stink at it either. He has never had a 100-yard rushing game, but he
averaged 4.9 yards a carry in 1999 and a 5.2 yards per carry career average. He only has 553 total yards for a
career at running back in 3 years; which Joe Hall had 613 rushing yards last year and was a lot of fun to watch.

Where David Allen has no mercy is at punt returns. David (No Mercy) Allen is just a step away from setting the
NCAA record books on fire. The Big question is, will he do it?

1. He needs 173 yards to break the NCAA record for yards.

2. He needs 1 touchdown to break the NCAA record for touchdowns, which he has tied.

3. His career punt return average of 16.7 yards ranks fifth all-time and is best among all players since 1951. The
highest punt return average is 23.6 held by Oklahomaís Jack Mitchell in 1946-1948.

Allen in the NCAA record books:

ē Tied for1st in NCAA history in career punt returns for touchdown (seven)

ē Tied for 1st in NCAA history in punt returns for touchdowns in a season (four)
ē 2nd in NCAA history in career punt return yardage
ē NCAA record holder: consecutive games with a punt return for touchdown (three)
ē NCAA record holder: most times, consecutive games with a punt return for touchdown (two)

Will he do it?

David Allenís 3-year average for punt return yards is 507 yards per year. He also averages over 2 punt returns
for touchdowns a year. It almost sounds like he has it in the bag. But, there are other factors to look at:

Coaches donít want to punt to Allen. They would rather punt short, kick out of bounds or go for it on 4th and
short. You canít blame them for that!

Snyder wants him to carry the ball 20 times a game at running back. What will that do to his endurance level?

Health- how long can he keep taking the hits at running back and at punt returns without getting seriously

Mindset- if David tries to hard to break the records it could work against him.

Now, do I think that David Allen will break the records? Yep!

I believe by the halfway point of the season David Allen (if healthy) will break the career punt returns for
touchdowns and career punt return yardage.

I may not think he is the greatest running back that K-State has ever had, but I do think he is the best punt
return specialist this country has ever seen!

K-State and the Nation will remember him for his punt return accomplishments.


57 days until the Eddie Robinson Classic on August 26, 2000 1:00 p.m. at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Did You Know?

Gov. Robert Docking initiated the Governorís Trophy Game between Kansas State University and the
University of Kansas in 1969. The original traveling trophy was retired following the 1996 K-State victory. A new
trophy was introduced following the 48-16 win at Manhattan in 1997. The trophy is presented to the winning team
and coaches in the winnerís dressing room immediately following each yearís game. Provided by Kansas State

Rivalry Humor

A student from Kansas State University, a student from the University of Kansas and a pig were in the hospital
waiting room, each waiting for the birth of his firstborn. Suddenly, the lights went out. Fortunately, power was
restored shortly thereafter and the head nurse made her way to the waiting room. "Iíve got good news and bad
news, gentlemen and pig," she announced. "Despite the electrical outage, two healthy young boys and one
healthy piglet have been delivered. However, since the lights went out at the most inopportune time, we arenít
sure which firstborn belongs to whom. The only way we know to resolve the problem is to draw straws and have
the winner choose first." The three proud papas agreed, and the KSU grad won the drawing. He was escorted
into the delivery room and looked at the three newborns for a painstakingly long time. Finally, with head bowed,
he scooped up the piglet and headed for the door. "Sir, are you quite certain that youíve made the right choice?"
the nurse asked. "No, Iím not," replied the Wildcat, "but I just couldnít run the risk of choosing the Jayhawker.
Provided by Rochelle Respicio


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