State Mailing For New Tags Will Be Late

Starting July 1, 2002, registration fees on motor vehicles will be increasing. In order to implement the necessary changes and avoid confusion, the state will not be mailing out the July renewals (J, K & L) until June 27th. This is approximately 2 weeks later than the normal mailing. Also because of this change the Riley County Treasurers office will not be able to do renewals for the J, K & Lís until July 1, 2002. This allows time for the computer programmers to get all of the changes made.

The new registration fees will be $33.00 for cars under 4,500 pounds. $43.00 for cars over 4,501 pounds and light trucks registered for weights under 12,000 pounds. Motorcycles and motorbikes each increase by $1.00 to $19.00 and $14.00 respectively.

Title fees will also be increasing from $7.00 per title to $8.00 per title.

Riley County Treasurer Eileen King said "We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. This is a one-time change of policy due to the budget shortage at the State." Renewals after July will not be affected. If you have any questions, please call our office at 785-537-6320.