UN Flag To Remain At City Hall

City Commissioner Mark Taussig told the Commission at the early meeting Tuesday that he wanted to put the UN Flag on the Agenda. Taussig said that during the campaign he had people asking him if he would vote to remove it. The UN flag has been in front of City Hall since the mid-1980's.

City Manager Ron Fehr said he had a "substantial" number of e-mails on the subject.

Mayor Bruce Snead told Taussig that the only reason they had so many e-mails was because he (Taussig) had sent out an e-mail requesting people right to the City Manager.

Commissioner Roger Reitz said the Flag would be divisive and he did not want anything put on the Agenda that would divide the town.

Commissioners Ed Klimek and Brad Everett said they did not have strong feelings on the subject.

The Mayor said he did not see enough Commissioners wanted the item on the Agenda.