What's Behind The Green Door

You will need to tell you children that you love them and those are not KKK members walking up and down the halls at school. The strange looking people with white hoods are the Manhattan - Ogden School Board members. They have had the wool pulled over their eyes and they are having a hard time finding where the next Budget meeting is being held.

With only two weeks to go before the Board votes on the 2002-03 Budget the Board has done everything to keep the public in the dark and the administration has done everything to keep the Board from knowing what the Budget will be.

Every Budget meeting has been held at Site Council Meetings or at special meetings before the regular School Board meeting and with the TV turn Off.

Last year the School District held meetings in violation of the Kansas Open Meetings Act and this year they are holding public meetings where the public cannot attend.

Last year they said they were cutting the Budget (19 committees) and ended up with a $54,666,783 Budget compared to the 2000-01 Budget of $50,916,419. This year the District is caring a $10 Million carryover but the Board has been told they cannot spend it.

What’s behind the green door? Money, lots of the green stuff.