Roger Brannan Receives KASB Award


USD 383 recognized one of its board members at its regular board of education meeting on July 3 for his accomplishment in the Kansas Association of School Boardís Boardsmanship Academy.

Board member Roger Brannan received an award from KASB by earning points for attending continuing education courses from KASB and the National School Boards Association. Board member Brannan who achieved Level II status received a specially designed certificate along with a sterling silver lapel pin. To achieve Level II status, board members must accumulate 100 points.

"Attending the KASB workshops have indicated to me how complex the education system is," Brannan said.

Superintendent Sharol Little stated, "Roger Brannan is an example for all of us as he serves the public as Board of Education member. This past year he has attended the workshops that will help him become more knowledgeable about the state of education so that better decisions are made. This state award recognizes excellence in boardman-ship."

This is the 16th year of the KASB Boardsmanship Academy that encourages school board members to seek continuing education to help them become better board members. KASB sponsors workshops and seminars throughout the year at which school board members receive points based on the length and content of each seminar. The points are totaled at the end of the program year and awards are presented to board members who received at least 50 points.

"Itís crucial that school board members seek ways to be informed of the ever-changing status of public education," said John Koepke, KASB Executive Director. "We hope to show concerned citizens, the legislature and other taxpayers, that school board members are both informed about the issues and conscientious about their duties to the children of this state."